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Geoffrey White

President, Insulation Materials

Geoff manages our Materials Department and performs General Business functions.

Dewey Moncrief

President, Insulation Systems

Dewey manages our Insulation Systems division.

Doug Andersen

President, Insulation Contracting

Doug Manages our Insulation Contracting Division and the Hiawatha Contracting operations.

Jamie D'Aprile

President, Abatement

Jamie manages our Abatement Division.

Kevin Kennedy

Vice President, Insulation Materials

Kevin manages our Purchasing Department, assists with inventory and warehouse operations.

George Menke

Vice President, Insulation Contracting

George Manages our Davenport Insulation Contracting Operations.

Jim Zimmer

Vice President, Abatement

Jim manages our large Institutional Abatement projects.

Darren Parchert

Safety Director

Darren manages our safety Program.

Andrew Meredith

Safety Assistant Director

Andrew assists in the management of our safety program.

Red Owen

Fleet & Grounds Manager

Red manages our fleet and grounds operations.

Jesse Owen

Warehouse Manager

Jesse manages our warehouse operations.

Logan Ahnquist, SHRM-CP

Human Resources Manager

Logan performs Human Resources, Insurance, and Payroll duties.

Marquez Davis

Talent Acquisition Manager & Business Development

Marquez is our Talent Acquisition Manager.

Wade Verbrugge


Wade manages our accounting department and interacts with governmental agencies.

Karlene Groshek

Administrative Assistant, General

Karlene performs clerical and administrative tasks for all divisions.

Jason Scott

Project Estimator, Insulation Systems

Jason estimates insulation systems projects for all regions.

Matt Temple

Project Manager, Insulation Systems

Matt manages Insulation Systems projects in the Davenport area.

Melissa Whitney

Accounting Specialist & Insulation Systems Administrative Assistant

Melissa performs our accounts payable functions and administrative tasks for the insulation systems division.

Ben Antle

Project Manager, Insulation Contracting

Ben manages Insulation Contracting projects in the Davenport Area.

Gary Chapman

Project Estimator, Insulation Contracting

Gary Estimate Insulation Contracting Projects for all regions.

Stephanie DeWitte

Administrative Assistant, Insulation Contracting

Stephanie performs administrative tasks for the Insulation Contracting division.

Linn Fahrenkrug

Project Manager, Abatement

Linn manages Abatement Projects of all scales.

Pat Emerick

Project Manager, Abatement

Pat Manages Abatement projects of all scales.

Pat Massey

Administrative Assistant, Abatement

Pat performs administrative tasks for the Abatement division.