Energy Audits

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The fact is that building quality is measured over its lifetime. Once initial construction is complete, one of the highest costs facing the owner is the cost of energy used for heating and cooling. This re-occurring cost can be significantly reduced through proper insulation materials and products.

When energy costs were low, insulation was often considered an option. Today, building codes mandate minimum insulation for new construction and soaring energy prices make insulation a primary way to control our costs. The challenge is – how do you know which products are best suited for your needs?

Our professionals can evaluate your construction plans – or your existing building – to determine the most cost effective way to optimize performance and maximize the return on your investment. We’ll conduct a thorough walkthrough of your facility or home, and evaluate any industrial equipment or systems if those are present.

At the completion of the audit, IITI will deliver you with a specific list of findings and recommendations, which can serve as an important foundation and blueprint when you choose to make your home or business more efficient.


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